Join our Credit Repair Affiliate Program

We pride ourselves on enabling our partners with the opportunities to help more of their clients and close more loans at a lower interest rate. To clarify, we enable you to broaden your offerings and grow your revenue efficiently because we can revive all of those “not qualified” deals. Join our community of credit repair specialist and deliver solutions to your network of clients and prospects.



(For large companies and lenders)

As a strategic partner, we streamline our automated systems and program capabilities into your line-of-business to help your client achieve their lending goals. Remember, you are losing a significant amount of revenue due to minuscule errors in your applicant’s credit reports.



(For small business advisors)

As a teammate, earn extra revenue through direct referrals. By helping consumers and small business owners understand their credit, you can help them get approved more easily and/or save money on interest rates! It’s a win-win arrangement.



(For website owners and affiliate marketers)

As an affiliate, we have tracking links that efficiently track every deal. If you are a media outlet, loan company, social media influencer, or individuals that provide content through owned website, this is for you.