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Credit E.R.™

Credit E.R.™ custom strategizes each file and is proudly able to boast a 98% success rate for people with specific derogatory removal needs.  We also proudly announce that this program is based around the principal of a real 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on each individual item.

Our hands-on approach with each file allows our clients to feel confident that the job they pay for will get done quickly and permanently.

Credit E.R.™ services are truly unique and one of a kind. ACS has developed real formulas for rapid success which for many years has been only available to our exclusive network of financial professionals. All of our clients see successful results within 1 hour to 10 business days.  Here are some of the derogatory removal services offered under the CreditE.R.™ program:


Credit Cards (30, 60, 90 day lates)
Auto Loans  (30, 60, 90 day lates)
Mortgage Accounts (30, 60, 90 day lates)
Collections (negotiated, and deleted permanently)
Judgments / Tax Liens

ACS has developed formulas that are effective at the creditor level. Your creditor will get a direct negotiation phone call from our team to get your derogatory removed instantly. Your derogatory will be DELETED from the actual system of the creditor/lender and a proof letter will be provided.  That means that your removal is in fact PERMANENT. The level of management that ACS will speak to will have full authority to completely delete the derogatory from their files, and they will electronically update this information directly to the credit bureaus.  You will receive a VERIFIABLE letter of proof directly from the creditor/lender. If you have a collection that Credit E.R.™ is working on, then your debt will negotiated and DELETED from the collection agencies system.

Credit E.R.™ has been a catalyst of help for hundreds of satisfied clients and financial professionals that were able to restore their credit, purchase/refinance their home or commercial property.

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NOTICE: This is a real and permanent derogatory removal system that is backed by the only GUARANTEE offered on an item by item basis.  Since this is an exclusive, results-driven retained negotiation, a case by case analysis must be performed to see if your situation qualifies.
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3 Year Warranty

3 year warranty to make sure that when your credit is clean, it stays clean. Any new negative items that appear will be challenged within 3 years after your initial sign up at absolutely no cost to you.


Unconditional Guarantee

We are so sure you will be happy with our credit repair services we offer an unconditional money back guarantee unlike any other company offers.


Credit Approval

Once your credit has been improved to a manageable condition, it's time to get you back on the track to credit success. That's why we help you to establish brand new lines of positive credit, and credit that will help you afford such things as personal loans and property purchases.


Unsurpassed Results

Seeing is believing. Our extraordinary process utilizes the most complete range of tools available to ensure that you get the best results possible.

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